Store Policies

Lease Agreement Requirements 
You must have all of the following information to enter into a lease agreement with the Trading Post.

1. Georgia ID or Drivers License 
2. Proof of Social Security number 
3. Proof of address 
4. Proof of income 
5. Four references (example: mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparent) 

References must live in our service area but not live with you or each other.

Return Policy 

If any merchandise is returned there is a minimum $40 service fee. If any merchandise is returned after it was at your home you will lose the first months lease. This includes cash purchases. We do not refund any of the first three lease payments unless there is a service issue that can not be resolved.

Late Fees 

There is a $5 late fee on any payment 5 days past due. Your payment is due on your due date, this is not a grace period!  There is a $10 additional fee for each visit to your house to collect a past due payment. All these fees are documented on your lease agreement.

Free Quick Delivery 

We do not charge for local delivery and set up on any sale over $200. In most cases, we deliver same day.
The delivery radius on rental is a maximum of a 40 mile radius, and on cash purchases a maximum of a 100 mile radius. 
There is no delivery fees on both rental and cash purchases over $200, but also within our 40 mile service radius. 
There is a $40 delivery fee on any cash purchases under $2000, but between the 40 and 100 mile service radius. 
There is no delivery fee on cash purchases over $2000 and within the 100 mile radius. 
All the radius' are from each of our 5 locations.